Tandberg Profile 7000 MXP


Capturing the essence of the flagship TANDBERG 8000 MXP, the TANDBERG Profile 7000 MXP’s sleek stand and two 30” LCD screens offer users a smaller view than the TANDBERG 8000 MXP but with no reduction in quality.

The TANDBERG Profile 7000 MXP adds a new dimension to executive conference rooms, allowing the users to experience clear pictures, superb color reproduction and a greater field view with TANDBERG’s Wide-Angle View Camera. It is a completely integrated solution that includes two monitors, stand, camera, remote control, tracker, microphone and integrated cabling.

TANDBERG Profile 7000 MXP Design Features:

  • Dual 30” LCD monitors with 16:9 high resolution format
  • Designed for the boardroom and executive conference rooms
  • Wide angle view camera with extensive zoom, pan and tilt
  • Completely integrated elegant solution

TANDBERG Profile 7000 MXP Application Features:

  • Join up to 6 video sites with embedded MultiSite functionality
  • Best possible call for each MultiSite participant
  • TANDBERG Expressway Technology
  • Powerful live presentations through one-step PC plug-in or LAN connection
  • URI dialing


TANDBERG Profile 7000 MXP Performance Features:

  • Superior video quality using the H.264 standard
  • True CD-quality audio
  • Choice of network: IP, ISDN and other external network
  • Highest level of embedded encryption
  • Bandwidth: up to 2 Mbps ISDN/ 4 Mbps IP (6 Mbps in MultiSite)
  • Protection against network interruptions with automatic Downspeeding and IPLR
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