How It Works

How it works

Get into a room equipped with state - of - the art Video Conferencing equipment, take your seats and hold meetings with people or teams in different locations around the world. You do all this without investing a penny on technology. You just pay as you use.

Video Conferencing is offered in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Delhi. Once you schedule a Video Conference with us, you can hold one-to-one or multi-party conferences with your teams/business partners/any enterprise across the country/globe if they have standards based ISDN Video Conferencing Facility. Participants who don't have access to video conferencing facility or are traveling can also join their using telephone connections.


A room with a view

We are equipped with Video Conferencing facility having a specially designed soundproof room, equipped with enterprise class Polycom video Conferencing equipment and supported by a carrier class Video bridge. The Conferencing room can accommodate up to 9 participants, with 5 participants in distinct view of the camera. You can pan / zoom / tilt the camera with the remote control. The digital Home Theatre System with 42" plasma gives you that near real life experience.

Recommended use

Recruitments:You can interview your prospective employees; participate in Regional Recruitments, without anybody having to travel.

Sales Communication and Review Process:Meet your entire team from different locations at the same time and make decisions faster. Reach your business partners, wherever they are.

Launch of Products and Services:Launch your products nationwide involving all stakeholders, without anyone moving out of their locations.

Results Across the Nation: You can announce your quarterly results across the nation to the media & financial analysts.

Training for Enterprise Development: Get your employees trained no matter where they are, without losing the face to face edge & anyone traveling.

Consumer Insights Capture System:Get your entire brand wagon to view focus group interactions, including your teams, consultants and your ad agency personnel.


FULL Screen View:This mode is used where one or many parties, using point-to-point conference between two locations can see each other on full screen.

Continuous Presence:This mode is used where multiple parties conference from multiple locations with each location seeing all other locations.

Broadcast Mode:This mode is used where speaker can see all the participants, but the participants can see only the speaker and not each other.

Training Mode:This mode is used where the participants see Presentation in main view & Speaker in a small window.

View Mode:In this mode, the host has the ability to view the remote location.

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