Features & Benefits


  • Multiple viewing options and video layouts.
  • Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls.
  • Voice Activated Switching (VAS)
  • Speed matching with external I
  • Patch up facility for participants without Video Conferencing equipment through telephones.
  • India's only multi-party multi end-point Video Conferencing Service Conduced at 768 kbps at Hyderabad next generation fiber optic network.
  • Pan India presence.
  • Near broadcast-quality audio and video experience.
  • State - of - the - art Video Conferencing equipment.
  • Seamless interoperability with any standards based ISDN (H.320) end point anywhere in the world.


  • No investments from your end in equipment or infrastructure.
  • Huge reduction in operational overheads through seamless and collaborative communication. Also reduces employee based overheads, e.g. Travel, boarding and lodging.
  • A near-live communication experience - almost like being there. Time, distance and costs are not barriers anymore.
  • Saves precious man-hours, improving productivity and organizational efficiently.
  • Leaves you with happy employees, since lesser travel means more time with family for them.
  • Video Conferencing in hyderabad is the evolution of a collaborative and productive work practice.
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