1. What is a Codec?

A. Codec stands for "Coder/Decoder". It is a piece of equipment or software which is used for converting analog pictures and voice (camera or microphone) into a compressed digital stream for traveling across the network between the conferencing sites.

2. What is a Gatekeeper?

A. A Gatekeeper is a software component that manages the flow of traffic across a network or between networks. This allows you to set restrictions on bandwidth usage and enables certain applications or users

to be prioritized with regard to the available bandwidth.

3. What is MCU?

A. MCU stands for Multipoint Control Unit. It is an electronic device which enables communication/

connection of more than two video conferencing endpoints at a time into one video conference session.

An MCU joins multiple video conferencing participants into a single conference, allowing them to see and interact with each other.

4. What is H.320 video conferencing?

A. H.320 is the standard for video conferencing which uses "switched services" like ISDN. It governs basic

video communications and audio over digital channels & commonly used time division multiplexed (TDM)


5. What is H.323 video conferencing?

A. H.323 is the standard for video conferencing using an IP network as the communication link. It uses the

Real-Time Protocol (RTP/RTCP) & enables use of video conferencing over IP networks, LANs and Internet.

The systems connects to each others by dialing an IP Address rather than a telephone number (as in H.320 communications).

6. What are the charges for Video Conferencing and what does it include?

A. Our prices vary on the type of connectivity, the speed of connectivity, and they will typically include, an hourly room rental fee and hourly port charges if a video conference call is made outbound from a room you reserve. For more information on pricing and technical information please contact us.

7. What payment options do you accept?

A. The following are the various payment options accepted by us.

  • Credit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
  • On Account (subject to credit approval)

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